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benefits of ClickFRA online fire risk assessment

Online Resource Centre

ClickFRA not only comes with a fire risk assessment, it has a host of useful guides and documents to help keep you compliant.

Upload fire risk assessment documents

Upload Utility Pack

You can upload floor plans, images, fire safety policies and much more; take images of poor fire safety practice to support your evidence.

safe storage of your fire risk assessment

Cloud Based

Managers can share findings with group health and safety meetings to help keep remote sites up to speed with company policy.


Online Resource Centre

ClickFRA comes with a unique back end support centre offering a host of self help user guides and tools to help with your fire risk assessment. Need to work out how many extinguishers you need, what distance they should be, how long for an escape route! all the tools are online at your fingertips.

  • Built in calculator for extinguisher requirements
  • Details on fire exits and doors
  • Types of extinguishers and Classes of Fire

Pre-written documents

ClickFRA offers all the documents you need for compliancy; from fire safety procedures, evacuation plans and building construction, just fill in the blanks with your own building details. All data is captured and saved, ready for printing via built in the fire safety pack.

  • Building compliancy document
  • Fire safety procedures
  • Hazardous substances

Document Upload Feature

ClickFRA also allows you to upload any supporting documents to assist with the risk assessment, such as floor plans with details of escape routes, distances and fire point etc. Each building can have its own set of plans added and named. You can replace any uploaded plans with new should the layout ever change due to building works etc, therefore, always providing you with the up to date versions.

  • Upload floors plans
  • Safety procedures
  • Hazardous records

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ClickFRA will be help support all SMEs who are looking for a simple step by step guide to completing their own fire risk assessment. It is a dynamic system offering up to date help with all aspects of fire safety.

— Paul Cooper, Business Education Advocate, Notts Fire and Rescue Services

AT&F Solutions are proud to be the creators and developers of this unique online utility offering both help and support to enable companies fulfil their legal obligations for both fire risk assessment and staff fire safety training.

— Terry Breslin, DipME/Fire Science, GIFireE. MD ATF Solutions Ltd

We have worked with AT&F Solutions Ltd for a number of years now in helping local businesses with their staff fire safety training requirements, using the ATF webPortal LMS.

— John Berrisford, BA, Dip.RSA, MIFireE, MIIRSM, CMIOSH, MIIAI, Support Lead Staffs Fire

We Provide Huge Savings

Start today and have access to this unique system for 12 months.

Single User

£175/ pa
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Support
  • Single Licence

One Building (£175).

Multi User

£85/ pa
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Support
  • Multi Licence

1+ Buildings (£85 per building)

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We can also provide you with an award winning online fire safety training module for all your staff.


Need more buildings? Please call for volume discounts; 01905 371321 - all prices plus vat.

Also available - Online Fire Safety Training Fire Authority Approved

Stay Compliant - Now you can provide cost effective Fire Safety Training to ALL your staff

Team Member

Online fire training available for staff, single licence only £14.90, fire authority approved.

Single User Account

Only £14.90 CPD and RoSPA Certified
Team Member

SME licence offering great savings, along with full learning management system, train all your staff in fire safety awareness.

SME Account

From £5 CPD and RoSPA Certified
Team Member

Companies with 100 or more staff can enjoy a low cost option to train their entire workforce.

Company Account

From £2.90 CPD and RoSPA Certified

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